Undergraduate Programs Overview

CEED’s Undergraduate Programs

CEED engages over 200 underrepresented and disadvantaged undergraduate engineering students in an academic learning community designed to increase retention and develop students who can successfully transition into industry or advanced studies.

The services and support provided to CEED students are offered through:

Freshmen Retention Program (FRP) – Orients freshmen to the university/major, nurtures community building and provides support during the critical first year.

CEED’s Freshmen Retention Program (FRP) is a successful program designed to engage freshmen into the CEED learning community and increase retention in the critical first year.

The primary components of FRP are:

Summer Bridge – Two-week summer program to prepare students for the intense curricula and engage them in the CEED community.

Orientation Course – Fall quarter course to expose and engage students in the various engineering disciplines.

Academic Excellence Workshops – Collaborative problem-solving workshops in math, chemistry and physics.

Core Retention Program (CRP) – Designed to address the critical transitions that occur:

  1. As continuing students (often in their third year) encounter their first upper division engineering courses and
  2. As incoming transfers adjust to the School of Engineering and enter the upper division engineering courses.

The key components of CRP are:

Summer BREES – Two-week summer program to welcome transfer students into the CEED community and prepare them, as well as continuing students, for upper-division core engineering courses.

Pathways to Success – Workshops and activities focused on the academic, personal and professional development of students.

Academic Excellence Workshops – Collaborative problem-solving workshops in core engineering courses.

CEED Learning Community – Encourages peer-to-peer support and industry involvement in the academic and professional development of all CEED students.

Student Organizations – CEED supports its affiliated student organizations which encourage student retention and holistic growth.

FOCUS – Frontier Opportunities in Computing for Underrepresented Students. Supports potential and current community college transfer students in computer science.

CEED Community Service – “When you light a lantern for others your own path is illuminated.”

     Value and Benefits

         1. Personal Development: Expands your Capacity and Potential
         2. Increased Marketability for Employment

Undergraduate Service Opportunities in Pre-College 2012-13

     Academic Year

         Mathematics Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) Program

         A. Join the collaboration with the Tri-Org to successfully implement EIT, YMD, WISE

         B. MESA Preliminary Events: Middle School and High School – March
         C. Assist with data entry of student enrollment information
         D. Assist with MESA Saturday Academies (3 Saturdays)

         E. Sign-up for Tri-org sponsored tutoring at MESA schools


         SMASH Summer Math and Science Honors Academy (9-10 Grade)

         SMARTS Science Mathematics Achievement and Research Training for Students (11-12th Grade)

Earn CEED Rewards Toward a Textbook


Academic Points Professional Development Points Community Service Points
Study Night 1 October 24 1Pt. Corporate Gamesmanship October 22 1Pt. MESA Student Day Entry (2hr. blocks) 1Pt. each
Study Night 2 December 5 1Pt. Resume Critique 1Pt. CEED Townhall Meeting 1Pt.


Academic Points Professional Development Points Community Service Points
Study Night 3 1Pt. Corporate Round Table 1Pt. MESA Preliminary Events (2)
1Pt. each
Study Night 4 1Pt. Resume Critique 1Pt. MESA Preliminary Preparation
MESA Saturday Academies (3 Saturdays)
1 Pt. each