For information about MESA Day 2022, visit: https://www.ceed.ucla.edu/mesa-day-2022-info/

The UCLA MESA College Prep Program is one of 19 university centers in the Mathematics Engineering and Science Achievement (MESA) Statewide organization. MESA’s mission is to enable economically disadvantaged students to prepare for and pursue a math-based degree in areas such as science, technology, engineering, or mathematics (STEM).

Beginning in 1997 with only five schools, UCLA CEED’s MESA Program currently serves 20 schools and over 800 students in the Los Angeles Unified and Inglewood Unified School Districts. Please check here to see if MESA is offered at your school!

The UCLA MESA Center continues to work toward engaging and advancing the academic development of educationally disadvantaged student groups with low UC eligibility students in STEM. Each year, efforts are made to further support and enhance the MESA model through supplemental activities for MESA students, advisors, and parents and to increase students’ success and persistence in STEM.


MESA Day 2022 – Information

The 2022 LA Metro Region MESA Day will be held virtually and in-person on the UCLA campus on April 23, 2022 from 9:00 - 2:00 p.m. Competitions will take place in-person and online.    The deadline to register and submit the Engineering Lab Book for Cargo Glider, MESA...

MESA Day 2021

    MESA Day Featured CompetitorsFeatured Video SubmissionsCaily Newsome MESA Machine Champion (High School)Saira Moreira & Mya Santana MESA Machine Champion (7-8th Grade)Zane Galambos MESA Machine Champion (6th Grade)Diana Estrada, Joanna Estrada, and Melissa...

Supplemental Programs:


STEM Competitions

To provide students with hands-on experience


Saturday Academies

To provide assistance with MESA projects


Financial Aid Workshops

To provide information about funding college


Pre-College Summer Enrichment Programs

To enhance a student’s academic preparation for college


Each MESA school site is supported by 1-2 teachers who serve as MESA advisors and coordinate STEM activities for enrolled students. In addition, MESA high school students benefit from the support of college counselors who have joined our team of MESA advisors. Culminating the MESA student experience each year is MESA Day. MESA Day is a regional event that engages students in STEM-based MESA competitions to test their design skills and math acuity. MESA projects provide the groundwork for the competitions that are offered during the event.