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Retired CEED Executive Director, Rick Ainsworth

Thank-you Rick for your 31 years of service at UCLA!

As the Executive Director of CEED, Rick implemented many programs to engage students academically, professionally, and socially. He developed courses that better connected freshmen students to the university and to each other, transformed the annual scholarships banquet to what it is today, and established events with corporations to help students get more comfortable interacting with company representatives.  At the beginning of CEED our retention rate was around 55%, and now it ranges between 75-80%.

Besides the programs that Rick implemented, he was also a mentor and a father-figure to his students. Rick made CEED feel like a family and he pushed students to get more involved with the campus as a whole. He also really encouraged students to pursue research and attend graduate school. He had a way of getting students excited about their majors and he would truly go out of his way to help them with pursuing whatever their next step was. Rick was, and is, extremely devoted to the advancement of underrepresented students and seeing their success.

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