Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists at UCLA

MISSION: To change lives by empowering the Hispanic community to realize its fullest potential and to impact the world through STEM awareness, access, support, and development.

Since 1978, SOLES has been dedicated to promoting engineering as a viable career option for Latinx students. SOLES is committed to the advancement of Latinx students in engineering and science through endeavors to stimulate intellectual pursuit through group studying, tutoring, and peer counseling for all members. SOLES organizes outreach events like “Engineers in Training Day” and the “Junior Leadership Retreat” to inspire high school students from underrepresented and underserved communities to pursue STEM. The organization is committed to making a difference in the community through tutoring and mentorship. By participating in campus events such as Career Day and Engineers Week, the organization’s strong and growing membership strives to fulfill the needs of the individual and the community.


Professional Development: SHPE National Convention


In 2023, the convention was held November 1st – 5th , in Salt Lake City, Utah.


SOLES members got the opportunity to network with industry professionals and other SHPE chapters from across the country. They also had the opportunity to attend professional development workshops and practice all skills crucial to landing an internship.


SOLES members pose at the 2019 SHPE National Convention with a large "FAMILIA" emblem.

Soles members at SHPE 2019 in Phoenix AZ

Newly-elected Tri-org board members pose with Rick Ainsworth at the 2019 tri-org banquet.

Leadership: Tri-Org Banquet


Each year, SOLES, AISES, and NSBE jointly celebrate our graduating CEED Seniors as well as the incoming Executive Board members


Additionally, the CEED Executive Director himself is in attendance!

Outreach: Leadership Junior


SOLES students partner with a local SHPE Jr. chapter to do cool Engineering projects


Members get to share their passion while inspiring the next generation of Engineers

SOLES member Andy Muratalla poses with SHPE Jr. chapter members during Leadershpe Junior event.

Society of Latinx Engineers and Scientists at UCLA

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