GEM Fellowship Information

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UCLA GEM Representative: Catherine Douglas;

General Information

UCLA is a GEM University Member and therefore admits and support students who have received an Employer GEM Fellowship. Students who are awarded a GEM Employer Fellowship receive a total of $20,000 ($4,000 – tuition, $16,000 – stipend)) for 1 year. The remainder of the funding must be obtained from other sources. Being admitted to UCLA with a GEM Employer Fellowship, requires the university must guarantee to provide the remainder of the funding required to fund the student’s education. The criteria to qualify and be admitted as GEM Employer Fellow differs depending on the department to which you are applying.

The information provided below about the GEM Fellowship is specific to the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering. To find out the criteria in other departments, you must contact the Graduate Student Advisor for the department.

The departments within the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering are

a. Bioengineering Department
b. Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering Department
c. Civil and Environmental Engineering Department
d. Computer Science Department
e. Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
f. Materials Science Engineering Department
g. Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

To view the list of faculty for each department and find out their research area, go to the Samueli Engineering website at and click the “Research and Academics” drop down menu. Once on the department website, click “People” to access the faculty list.

To qualify for a GEM Fellowship at the UCLA Samueli School of Engineering, you MUST apply for one of the internal UCLA fellowships indicated below. If you do not apply, you will be disqualified from consideration for a GEM Fellowship with the Samueli School of Engineering.

The UCLA GEM University rep can provide fee waivers to all students who submit a completed GEM application by the indicated deadline. To obtain a UCLA application fee waiver, email the UCLA GEM Representative: Catherine Douglas at Note: The UCLA Samueli School of Engineering does not support GEM University and Associate

Qualify for a GEM Employer Fellowship at UCLA

1. Complete the UCLA Grad School Application
2. Apply for one of the following fellowships (within the Grad School application) depending on the degree you are pursuing
    a. Masters Applicants: Graduate Opportunity Fellowship
    b. PhD Applicants: Eugene Cota-Robles Fellowship and/or UC-HBCU Initiative Fellowship
Note: This is an important step. If you do not indicate this in your application, the department will not nominate you for the fellowship if you are admitted by the department.
3. Complete all required supplemental materials required for the fellowship.
4. Make sure to indicate “University of California, Los Angeles” as one of the universities to which you are applying on the GEM Fellowship Application before Dec. 1st.

    UCLA Eugene Cota Robles, Graduate Opportunity Fellowship Program & HBCU Fellowship

    The Eugene Cota-Robles and Graduate Opportunities Fellowship Program are internal UCLA fellowships offered to first year masters and doctoral students. To be considered for the fellowship you must indicate it on your grad school application for the department to nominate you for the fellowship.

    The UC-HBCU Initiative Fellowship to offer six-year funding packages for entering PhD students. Fellows must have been participants in an eligible UC–HBCU summer program.

    Visit the Eugene Cota-Robles, GOFP and UC-HBCU Initiative application instructions page linked below
    for more information about the personal statement prompts that pertain to the fellowships