Information about Student Organizations supported by CEED

AISES: American Indian Science and Engineering Society | AISES National

Entering its sixteenth year on campus, AISES strives to encourage American Indians to pursue careers as scientists and engineers while preserving their cultural heritage. The goal of AISES is to promote unity and cooperation, provide a basis for the advancement of American Indians all while providing financial assistance and educational opportunities. AISES devotes most of its energy to its outreach program where members conduct monthly science academies with elementary and pre-college students from Indian Reservations. Serving as mentors and role models for younger students enables UCLA AISES students to further develop professionalism and responsibility while maintaining a high level of academic and increasing cultural awareness.

NSBE: National Society of Black Engineers | NSBE National

Chartered in 1980, in response to the acute shortage of blacks in the fields of science and engineering, as well as the need for promoting academic excellence among black students in these disciplines. NSBE provides academic assistance and through tutoring and study groups while sponsoring ongoing activities such as guest speakers, company tours, and participating in UCLA events such as career days and Engineer’s Week. Through the various activities sponsored by NSBE, students have the opportunity to develop leadership and interpersonal skills while enjoying the college experience.

SOLES: Society of Latino Engineers and Scientists | SHPE National

Coming off recognition as the SHPE National Chapter of the Year, SOLES is dedicated to promoting engineering as a viable career option for Latino students. SOLES is committed to the advancement of Latinos in engineering and science through endeavors to stimulate intellectual pursuit through group studying, tutoring, and peer counseling for all members. SOLES organizes cultural events such as “Latinos in Science Day”, weekly tutoring at a local elementary school, and co-sponsors the “Engineers in Training Day” with NSBE and AISES. By participating in campus events such as Career Day and Engineers Week, the organization’s strong and growing membership strives to fulfill the needs of the individual and the community.