Information about CEED’s Industry Advisory Board

CEED’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) has been a key
partner in CEED’s ongoing undergraduate and pre-college efforts.
Currently, the CEED IAB consists of 16 corporations, represented by 23
outstanding and committed board members.

How can your company benefit as an IAB member?

to review resumes as well as interact with and interview CEED’s
high-achieving scholars and YOUR prospective employees. Opportunities to
attend formal meetings with faculty and students. Be part of the
decision-making process for CEED and its affiliated student
organizations. Receive updates on current research and educational
outreach. Receive current CEED, regional and national data relevant to
the development, recruitment and retention of undergraduate students.
Participate in recruitment and professional development activities.
Interact with technical and administrative representatives of other IAB

How can your company become an IAB member?
Membership in the IAB requires a qualifying contribution to CEED.
Contributions typically range from $2,500-$10,000 per year. Commit to
attend each of the four Board meetings held annually. For more
information and/or to join the IAB, please contact:

Director, CEED