Information about CEED’s Summer BREES Program

Modeled closely after the Freshman Summer Bridge, the Summer Bridge Review for Enhancing Engineering Students (BREES) is a two-week intensive introduction of key topics covered in core engineering courses. BREES instruction is led by engineering faculty and graduate students. Furthermore, BREES has proven successful in engaging underrepresented transfer students into the CEED community and in assisting them in their transition into the University.

Among the courses that have been introduced in BREES are:

  • EE 10 ( Circuit Analysis I )
  • EE 110 ( Circuit Analysis II )
  • EE 115A ( Analog Electronic Circuits I )
  • EE 100 ( Electrical and Electronic Circuits )
  • Physics 1B ( Oscillations, Waves, Fields )
  • MAE 102 (Mechanics of Particles and Rigid Bodies)
  • MAE 105A (Introduction to Engineering Thermodynamics)
  • MS 14( Science of Engineering Materials )